Une carpe au coup par Pascal

  • Par Bertrand
  • Le 29 septembre 2008
  • 1 commentaire(s)
  • Une carpe au coup par Pascal 5 octobre 2012 21:03, par kmyzPSaiVZHxxIZFCza

    You are so inspiring, Susan ! I love your calerdans and honestly, am like a little school girl when I see it on my Mom’s table right before Christmas when she gives it to me ! I look through it with coffee alone, and then get back into the swing of things with more pep in my step. And, with each new month, I take a few minutes and read each new month’s page to relish in imagination and love. I love that these girls are so daring to also write to you. I love it that you write back and that you love on them. All girls (young and not-so-young-in-number) need more women in their lives to encourage them for their art and talents ! YAH !!! Love and hugs to you, and thank you for being a little slice of heaven on the internet. Now I’m going to go make something. : )


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